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You're sitting shotgun in a 1964 pink Cadillac, wearing a pair of Cat's Eye Sunglasses. Kick your shoes off and let those bare feet rest on the dash. This isn't a car for "ladies." And, buckle up, why don't ya? Let's chit-chat while I take you for a scenic drive through my neck of the woods.

History is peculiar, isn't it?


It repeats, repackages, and rebrands itself to see if we have grown. Have we? The answer lies in discussions and the willingness to change our patterns.

As a Southern historical fiction writer, I find inspiration in history, heartbreak, and deviation from the status quo. 

My work is laced with deep-rooted, controversial topics such as women's issues, religion, social inequality, racism, and trauma. Fact or fiction, I like to tell stories about strong, independent women. Though weighty subjects, readers can expect to find humor, emotion, and images that dart off the page like sparrows. 

Are you hungry?

There's a little diner I know where the South still serves heaping platefuls of controversy. It's time to shed some light on those nasty table manners.

Second helpings?


Keep the Cadillac. You'll want a comfy ride for the bumpy road ahead. I've got work to do. 

See You Later Alligator,


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.  Let's connect.

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