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Lady Riot


"July came like normal, with the kind of smother that made Ms. Johnson’s face melt off and stick like wet glue to the kidney bean attached to her upper lip. Exactly three hairs lived on that red-hot lump. Two black hairs sprouted up toward her left nostril, and the other stuck right out of the bottom into the center of her pucker. Men didn’t marry moles like that. Because she had been rejected, Ms. Johnson became the town’s spinster and a mean old cuss."

"Well behaved women seldom make history."

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Pink Sugar
Hate being called a Lady?
Yeah, me too.
It's not for "ladies."
My Story

Robyn Shelbourne

Historical Fiction Author

I love antique stores.

When relics surround me, my mind runs wild. 

Since childhood, I have created fictional stories for objects and characters for the people who owned them.

History fascinates me; that's why I write it.

The present moment is history in the making, but I'd much rather dream myself into the past.

My novels are set in the Mid-Century Modern Era, and

when I visit the 1960s in daydreams, I find my characters there. 


I live in Paducah, Kentucky,with my drummer husband and three boys. Our home is loud, wild, and weird.

After taking a twenty-year "figure your life out" kind of break, I'm ready to break free.

I birthed some humans. That was great, but I'm pregnant with words and beyond overdue.

It's time to birth some novels and make history!

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